It’s time for all Canadians to have access to free drugs

Life is just better with free drugs

Right now, the Canadian Government is giving us all the shaft. This less than ideal state of affairs is far from new. Back in the 60’s, giving everyone free drugs was actually supposed to be part of what we now call the Canadian Healthcare System.

Sadly, corporate interests stopped this from ever happening. Now the Canadian population is more politically savvy and aware than ever. It’s time to push the government to make good on its promise of Universal Healthcare for everyone – and finally get Free Drugs for ALL Canadians.

Dozens of other, possibly way cooler, countries already have Universal Healthcare – with free drugs. Canada is the only country on the planet with National Healthcare that doesn’t pay for life-saving medications like Insulin or Epi-Pens. Or drugs like Alesse and Cipralex that can help people of all incomes plan for their futures and simply live healthier.

We think it’s time to give all Canadians free drugs.

Instead of forcing almost 25% of Canadians to decide between taking medication and eating , the Government needs to stand up for the people who voted them in and change this now and not dangle it as a carrot again during the next election.

Sign our petition below, buy some swag, and join the fight.

Why’d you call it Free Drugs?
Because it’s more fun than “Responsible Pharmacare” or “The Universal Healthcare Supplement” or “The Government Should Pay for Our Drugs” or “Pharmacare is Great.”
Didn’t the Liberals promise to implement Pharmacare during the last election?
Yes, they did. We all wish we lived in a world where we could take such promises at face value but let’s just say we’ve been burned before (Troy McClure – you might remember me from such broken promises as “electoral reform”). We’re doing this to keep up the public pressure UNTIL Pharmacare is actually up and running because if we don’t, the Liberals might just continue to put it off, indefinitely.
Why don’t we do this already?
We don’t know, honestly.
So many other countries are doing this and the benefits are proven. We say let’s free up the government’s money so they can keep spending it on things like Corporate Welfare for Bombardier and Loblaw’s. Wait, what?
But how do we pay for it?
We already are. In fact, we can make Canada’s Healthcare systems more efficient and affordable with free drugs by using the power of Preventative Medicine. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
Won’t the Big Pharma companies try to stop you?
Maybe – let them try. The idea that we shouldn’t try this because pharma companies might stop us is honestly absurd. In World War II, if the Allies said “uh I don’t know guys, maybe we shouldn’t fight Hitler… I mean, the Nazis might try and stop us. Let’s just throw in the towel on this one” where would we be today?
Who are you?
We’re a group of people from across the political spectrum who all feel very strongly that we should have… wait for it… free drugs.
So What is It?
Exactly what it sounds like – Univeral Pharmacare for every citizen of Canada. Our government spends a ton of money each year paying for emergency room visits, walk-in clinics and other emergency care. Much of these health expenditures are completely preventable. Better known as Preventative Healthcare, Free Drugs would make sure that the government is only paying $5 in preventative drugs instead of $5,000 in emergency room costs.
Won’t this encourage people to get addicted to prescription drugs?
No. Cracking down on corrupt influence campaigns from drug companies would go way further in that regard. Free Drugs won’t worsen the population’s addiction issues, and there’s evidence to suggest it might even help.
How do we support you?
Buy merch and wear it proudly, sign our petition, write your MP and the Minister of Health using the template petition above.
Invite us on your TV show, radio show or podcast.
I’m not convinced.
K – let’s just try it, if you still don’t like it afterward we can try something else or go back to doing things the same way they’ve always been done.


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